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The Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager -

"Robert Sellars" (2020-06-09)

Is Video the Key to Social Media Success?
Social media marketing is unquestionably a new method of attracting and How to Build Your Confidence As You Grow Your Business retaining customers that there isn't hard-core data that proves one approach is much better than another.
There's a great debate raging inside internet marketing community regarding which kind of content will do the trick of attracting the specified leads and ultimately sales that a small business.
Do you employ text or video?A� You can look right and left and find an equal amount of proponents for both...
So just how does one, as being a business owner decide what strategy to go with?
My answer to that question for you is simple:A� use both!A� But I'm going to put a spin onto it that I haven't seen someone else speaking about yet.
What I've found to become best in the different marketing initiatives I've tested during the last ten years is by using a technique generally known as re-purposing of content.
That is, to adopt one part of content and transform it into multiple kinds of media.A� What I suggest you are doing as a way to increase your facebook marketing would be to focus on a bit of content that is in text form, why not a blog post.
Take your post and submit it as being an article to any number of the very best article publication sites available including EzineArticles, Articles Base, etc.
Then take your article and break it into a slide presentation on PowerPoint.A� If you are comfortable with speaking your site content, you're able to do a fairly easy screen capture with voiceover using software like Camtasia Studio, Cam Studio, or Jing.
If you're not comfortable with voiceover, get a nice royalty free music track.A� All PC's include a little bit of software call Windows Movie Maker.A� You can upload your PowerPoint slides and the audio track you got and earn it in to a movie file inside of minutes, it is certainly simple.
Assuming you're Mac user, there's a similar free program on your Mac...
After creating your video, publish it to video submission sites like YouTube.A� Announce all of your content on your profiles and hyperlink to it.
Making your articles do double duty by re-purposing it into multiple medias is key to social networking success, not using one media over another.