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"Dora Ransom" (2020-06-09)

Top Three Tips for the WordPress Beginner
Once you buy your self-hosted WordPress website installed and setup there is a good deal to understand. While the out of the box software has a stunning amount of options and powerful features you are likely to possess some questions. When I first started utilize this platform I knew basically nothing about how exactly websites worked, absolutely no HTML and was, generally, learning everything as I went along. Now, several years and lots of websites later you can find three tips that I wish I knew getting started!
Tip #1) Use the Forums
One of the largest benefits of using WordPress could be the very active community of countless users. 99 times beyond 100 any issue you encounter or question you might have has already been fixed or answer by somebody else. With all the work and time we put money into our sites when something fails the tendency would be to panic...specially when you've no idea what went down. Your first step is usually to check out the WordPress Forums. Remember there is a difference between the Hosted and Self Hosted versions in the software so be sure you're about the right website (.com is Hosted is Self-Hosted)! You may be lured to post a thread without delay on the Forum asking your question but most from the time there is a better course of action. Best practice is always to go to the forums and first hunt for the precise error or problem you're experiencing. For example if the dilemma is an oversight that says something like "Database not available" then simply search the forums for that exact term. You'll be surprised about how fast you will find resolutions already posted!
Tip #2) Backup your files!
This may appear as being a no brainer but it's amazing how often this really is overlooked. Grab a plugin that automatically backs up your files over a daily or weekly basis. Even if, today, you might have no idea how to restore a database or perhaps a backup file don't get worried over it. Just make certain you setup a backup process. If you encounter a catastrophic challenge with your site, and you've got backups in position, then you'll only risk losing a few days at work. If you don't you will be totally beyond luck.
Tip #3) Keep a clean copy
Once you commence getting comfortable you'll likely get the urge to get started on editing some of your files. Often the first instance users begin to edit is by adding or removing something from their theme files. Nothing wrong using this type of as messing around is when many of us discover the ropes. If you are going to edit a file, however, always make sure to avoid wasting a clean copy somewhere before doing anything. This way when (and I do mean when) you will get in over your head and also mess something up typically all you need to do is upload the clean file and everything comes back to normal.
Following these three easy steps is bound to erase your learning curve on WordPress, lower the frustration level and usually make whole thing additional fun!