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"Edythe Daniel" (2020-06-10)

Are Graphic Designers Flooding the Workforce?
This a year ago I have met more graphic designers than Carter has liver pills (as my grandmother would say). I started to think about the number of young adults are pursuing this career and you also could see how that could be worrying to me; but, I'm not worried. Here's why, students pursuing this degree rarely end up solely like a artist. Designers are used in a wide variety of professions that there's plenty of room. Someone having a degree in graphic design may wind up a web designer, they will often wind up in advertising, pr, fine arts, or another type! There's several areas they could be used how the future is bright.
The other area of this flood is that, "graphic designers" can be a dime several but a powerful one is often a rarity. I have met several people that boast of being graphic designers but after reviewing their work I realize, they may not be really. They're unemployed plus they discover how to use Microsoft Publisher. That may sound harsh nonetheless its true. I think many people try becoming graphic designers simply because they lost their job or they are unable to find work in order that they think they could just start making cash on their laptop in your own home. Well simple truth is, they will just might produce a few bucks but you are not planning to have any return clients and they are not going to be able to produce a house payment from designing a number of business cards. Eventually, these people will find yourself obtaining a job somewhere else.
All of the "graphic designers" may initially detract some business from professionals when the clients go back poorly designed work they'll be more prepared to work with a professional the very next time. It also helps people discover why professional designers charge more. It's easy for a person getting an unemployment check to charge fifty bucks for business cards, enough to keep their frappuccino fund active since they get a new job but a professional must produce a house payment, purchase insurance, buy equipment and settle the bills. Not to mention hopefully get a salary. So yes, a real designer is planning to be higher priced because we've got real expenses. The upside is that we've dedicated our career to design. This is what we all do. We have quality work and that we back it up. If you need a design tweaked in 5 years, I'm here I have the files and I are capable of doing that in your case. So moral with the story, make sure the person you are about to hire is professional, has some sort of training which is committed. You'll be glad you did.