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NT's biggest political donors revealed

"Jay Wesolowski" (2020-06-11)

Late Sydney hot water king Michael Crouch and political consultant Mike Smith were among the biggest political donors to Northern Territory politics last year.

Mr Crouch, a regular donor whose company introduced boiling water heaters now found all over the world, donated $50,000 to the Country Liberals ahead of his death in February last year aged 84.

Labor declared an in-kind gift worth $37,675 plus a $41,443 cash donation from Brisbane lobbyist Mr Smith who works in the office of Queensland Labor Government Minister Di Farmer'.

The 2017-2018 disclosure returns for registered political parties and donors were released by NT Electoral Commissioner Iain Loganathan on Friday.

Labor received $436,540 in donations in 2017-18 while the CLP received $281,809.

During the previous year, when Labor regained government at the last election, they received $1.2 million and the CLP $1.8 million.