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"Doug Emery" (2020-06-11)

How to Create a Checklist For Switching Themes
Most modern website cms make use of a "theme" based system, that is basically some site templates. It doesn't matter if you have WordPress, Joomla, OS Commerce, Drupal, Mambo, Postnuke, or possibly a forum - they all use "themes".
In the beginning if you are building your internet site, you are trying for top level theme you are able to, you could possibly looked for a free one, you could possibly even paid a designer to create choice for you. Inevitably what happens is, you receive fed up with the design you've, and also you need a brand new one. You search and look, lastly you found the right new theme for your blog or internet site and you also're ready to make switch. Are you really ready? Do you know after that happen whenever you "flip the switch" on the new design? What you will need is a bit checklist so you are able to make sure you know well in advance exactly after that happen.
First of - once you receive your new theme, you should test it for awhile to be sure things are ok. If you use WordPress you'll be able to check it out without anyone knowing through while using Theme Test Drive Plugin. On other systems you'll be able to search to get a plugin like this, however, if that you do not uncover perhaps you should purchase a test version of your web site to use the time from first. You want to be sure you figure out all of the bugs prior to you making your new theme live!
Make list of most the things your old theme has and make sure your brand-new theme does too. If it doesn't, consider creating the web pages you need based on a new index (home) page.
- Do you've got a search page?
- Do you've got a 404 Error (page not found) page?
- Do you've archives pages?
- Do you've got category or tag pages?
- Do you will need to customize your comments section?
- Do you have any page templates you will need to create (from your old theme)?
- Is anything hardcoded to your old theme (AdSense, special plugins or modules, style code)?
- Are all your plugins up-to-date?
This can be another great time to take a look over the plugin or Two Basics Of Business Logo Creation modules repository for the CMS system and see if there's something new available it is possible to benefit from. Maybe it is possible to add something to help you manage your feed, build a calendar, manage a subscriber list, or better categorize you and pages.
If you're launching a brand new theme, my advice for you is always to first backup everything, make a list of work being done, and make certain you have at the very least a number of teams of eyes (besides yours) test out your entire blog before you decide to place it live! Consider asking friends with a Mac or even an older computer to look at it, and have a few people try it out at work too. This way you are able to not only get multiple eyes onto it, you are able to get it viewed in as many versions of Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer as possible!