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by regina fancy (2020-03-12)

Oh how wrong we were to think that LumaSlim Review just because the twenty pieces of red licorice was fat free that it was okay to eat and those extra pounds could still be lost. The Harvard Public of School Health recommends avoiding sugary carbs like fat free candy, bread, soda, and white rice in order to lose the post pregnancy belly fat Many women think that if they lift weights they'll end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is simply not true as women do not have the testosterone and muscle mass to be built like that no matter how much they strength train. Weight training your core muscles such as your abs, legs, and back will build lean muscle making it easier to lose that belly bulge Try Interval Cardio TrainingInterval training or high intensity interval training as it is sometimes called involves short bursts of high energy exercises like sprints followed up by short periods of rest. A typical interval training session for a beginner would involve running at near full speed for 15-30 seconds followed by a rest period of 1 minute. This would be repeated 4-6 times. Interval training puts your metabolism into overdrive and you burn calories for several hours after you workout. This is a very effective technique to lose pregnancy belly fat.Don't eat after 7 pmLate night snacking will keep that pregnancy belly fat stuck to your body like super glue. Calories consumed at night, even from healthy foods, usually end up being stored away as fat because there is not enough sufficient physical exercise to burn them off. If you get hungry try drinking a glass of water or have a low calorie protein shake.