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Sugar Balance

by regina fancy (2020-03-16)

Michael Chadd is a Holistic Nutritional Health Sugar Balance Review Coach and Consultant. His years studying the benefits of whole food nutritional principals for holistic health and experiencing the benefits first hand, have led to his passion for helping people with type 2 diabetes to recover naturally. Connect with Michael for free coaching and recipes. Using natural solutions.The purpose of this article is to provide a warning to those people who follow a typically rich American diet in which sugary high carbohydrate foods, frequent sweetened snacks, and so-called junk foods, are common constituents.The main nutrients in the foods we eat are categorized as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water, all essential to good health although even good food can cause health problems if consumed in greater quantities than the body needs.Eating too much of the wrong foods can cause damage to blood vessels, raise cholesterol levels, and increase the risks of heart disease. All of which can shorten life, although most people are not aware of the dangers.It is often the sugary sweet foods, the candy bars, chocolate cookies, and high sugar content soft drinks that most of us like to reach for when we need a quick fix that cause the most problems. The glucose content of those high carbohydrate sugary foods gets quickly into the blood stream. And that can lead to a dangerous complications.Almost everyone knows that people who have the disease called diabetes have a problem with sugar but that's about all that most non-diabetic people know about the diabetic condition. They do not realize that it is not only diabetics that face similar health problems, problems caused by poor food choices with too much sugar, too much saturated fat, and too much salt in their diets. The diabetic knows what must be done to change their diet in order to counter the effects and damage done by the wrong food choices, but the non-diabetic does not.