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by regina fancy (2020-03-17)

But why, then, do doctors worry so much about the Leptitox Review levels of these lipids in your blood stream? "Know your numbers" is a catch-phrase that include knowing what your cholesterol and triglyceride levels are. It is believed that too much triglycerides and the "bad" type of cholesterol are not good for you. But what causes these elevations?There may be multiple factors at work. First, eating too many "bad" types of fat, and not eating enough "good" types of fat may be a factor.Surprisingly, however, there is increasing evidence that fat intake may not be the main culprit! A high glycemic diet may be just as detrimental!What is a high glycemic diet?Foods that are digested quickly and that have a high sugar or carbohydrate content are considered high on the glycemic index list. They are quickly converted into blood glucose. Too much blood glucose, over time, can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and abnormal blood lipid levels.Ironically, fat helps slow down digestion, so that a meal or snack that contains a small amount of fat is better for you than a meal or snack without fat! But not all fat is created equal.Just as essential fatty acids are good for you, trans fats are badAvoid Trans fats These are found in many fast food snacks, pre-packaged baked goods, and processed foods because they prolong shelf-life. On the ingredient list, trans- fats can be identified as "partially hydrogenated" oils of various kinds. Also be wary of animal fats, which are called "saturated" fats. These can be found in whole milk, butter, fatty meats and the like. Because fats do have more calories than protein and carbohydrates, cutting out some of these types of fats can help with weight control. Switching to skim or low fat milk is an easy option, as is choosing lean cuts of meat. Personally, I still use butter in small amounts because margarine, in my opinion, is a worse option due to the trans- fat content.