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Fresh Flora

by regina fancy (2020-03-17)

Tea Tree Oil- Tea Tree oil is commonly used Fresh Flora Review to treat yeast infection. It is a liquid extract that contains anti-bacterial properties that will suppress the growth of the candida albicans. It should be diluted at first with water. This is because it is too concentrated and can burn the sensitive areas of the vagina if it is used as is. Once diluted, dip a tampon into the diluted mix and then insert it into the vagina for a few hours. Apple Cedar Vinegar - when you have a yeast infection, your vaginal cavity will become alkaline due to the build up of the fungi candida albican. Now the apple cedar vinegar is a weak acid that will bring back the vagina to neutrality. You can add about two tea spoon or the vinegar to a bath of water and sit in there for about half an hour and that will help clear up the symptoms.These two remedies can be very effective is you use them as soon as you realize that you have an infection. They are cheap and you can use them at the comfort of your home to achieve wonderful results. Good luck!Natural remedies actually work in favor of the body instead of against it. For this reason a growing number of women are turning to more natural solutions in search of a way to alleviate yeast infections. Another reason being that these women have discovered, at their expense, that other forms of treatment such as anti-fungus are simply ineffective in the treatment of yeast infection; the reason being because such drugs merely destroy the fungus and don't heal the yeast infection. Once the fungus is destroyed, your body will try to fend off any Candida development. It is natural to believe that you haven't applied the medication as recommended if the medication doesn't work. As a result, your tendency will be to take more medication, but stronger this time. This will simply make your body more resistant to the cure.