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by regina fancy (2020-03-24)

The biggest worry is that the infection StrictionBP will never heal and can actually cause gangrene. With gangrene, the skin and tissue around the infected area dies, becomes black, and smells. Now the doctors have a serious decision to make regarding your health. Gangrene will spread and destroy other tissue so it must be contained and the doctors do that by cutting off the infected area such as a toe or a foot. They may even have to cut off part of a leg. When body parts must be cut-off, it is called an amputation.If you are diabetic, there are certain things you need to do that are critical to keeping your feet and legs healthy. These include: Wash your feet everyday in warm water. Before you do, check the water temperature with your elbow. It is not a good idea to soak your feet. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly taking extra time drying between the toes. Check your feet everyday. If you cannot bend to see properly, use a mirror or ask someone to help you Dry and itchy skin can cause serious problems. If you have a problem with dry skin put lotion on after you have washed and dried your feet, but do not put lotion between the toes. Use a pumice stone or emery board to gently file calluses or corns. The best time is after you have taken your shower or bath. It is a good idea to trim your toenails once a week or when you need to and the easiest time to do this is after washing them. You should cut the nail to the shape of the toe, but not too short. You should use an emery board to file the edges of the nail. If this is a problem, see a foot doctor (podiatrist) To protect your feet, you need to wear either shoes or slippers and always with socks to keep from getting blisters.