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by regina fancy (2020-03-27)

It is very important however StrictionBP to work closely with your physician if you consider using any form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (also known as CAM) If you have already been started on prescription medications, this should not replace conventional medicine.If you choose to use CAM be certain that your doctor is conversant with the different supplements that you are using.The following is a summary of studied CAM therapies that may be of benefit in the management of diabetes. I do recommend these as complementary therapy in my practice, but do not necessarily endorse this as exclusively as a way to treat diabetes.ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: (ALA also known as lipoic acid or thioctic acid) is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect the cells from damage by free radicals. ALA is unique in the way that it works. Compared to other antioxidants that may work in water such as vitamin C or fats such as vitamin E, ALA works both ways. Levels of alpha lipoic acid begin to decline with age. Because ALA may lower the blood sugars drastically, it is important to monitor blood sugars closely when on this supplement.OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: These are fats that are unsaturated. They are commonly called Fish oils. They are much harder to come by in our diets. They are present in small concentrations in leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts such as walnuts, flax seed, and hemp. Omega 3 fatty acids are more commonly found in fish such as Wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel.