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Dream Sculpting

by regina fancy (2020-03-28)

Watch out for negative attitudes creeping Dream Sculpting Review into your life. Apathy leads to negative thinking. Look for the silver linings in all situations. Slow down, recognise what you already have - especially the simple things in your life, wherever you go. Gratitude will help you feel complete, no matter what your immediate situation. Gratitude doesn't cost anything but it generates huge riches.You deserve to be Rich so be grateful and share your gratitude with others. A daily practice of Gratitude will lift and advance all areas of your life rapidly.The effects of being inauthentic reach far beyond simple performance issues. The more disconcerting aspects of being inauthentic are what it does to you emotionally and even physically.Being inauthentic is stressful, and I don't mean healthy stress (eustress) I mean harmful stress (distress). Being inauthentic in the first place is stressful enough, but the lack of performance that usually results adds even more stress on top of that, and when you look at what modern medicine is just now learning about the impact of stress on the human body (let alone psyche), the effects are startling.According to Dr. Leon Pomeroy, who was the founding President of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine, psychological and emotional stress can gravely affect the human body in many negative ways. There are a lot of things that cause stress and a lot of factors that determine our ability to handle it, but we do know that being inauthentic, and having to work in an uncomfortable job, having to modify your behavior all day long, constantly having to apply a non-talent - is definitely stressful. If your job requires this of you full time, then the stress this causes you is chronic.