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Uncompromised Life

by regina fancy (2020-03-30)

I have taken watercolour courses in Uncompromised Life Review the past and had a measure of success but I'd never been completely satisfied with the results. Because of that I never followed up my learning with practice. What was the point if I didn't like what I produced? I'd make a great start but my paints and brushes were soon gathering dust on a shelf again.Ever have that happen with a new business idea or practice? You're all gung-ho and you jump right in. Then somewhere along the line reality doesn't quite match up with what you had in mind. You could muscle your way through, even meet with a certain measure of success but you still sense something is out of kilter It wasn't until I "found" Karen Richardson on a local studio tour that I realised what I'd overlooked in the past. Karen's work reflects the level of detail I love but isn't so 'un-painterly' that it appears to be a photo - exactly the way I wanted my own work to look.Up to that point, I hadn't paid much attention to the style of my previous teachers. They hadn't reflected my vision of what I wanted in a successful painting. I could emulate my teacher's composition but I didn't learn the skills I needed to continue on my own because I wasn't headed in the right direction. I learned from them, yes, but not everything I needed to produce something that felt right to me.Ask yourself "What are the results I want?" Always start with the end in mind.