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by regina fancy (2020-04-07)

Self hypnosis for weight loss is a Leptitox Review very easy process and it can be very relaxing as well. Self hypnosis is all about getting in touch with our subconscious mind or body and talking to it, or suggesting to it.Doing this can help us with many different things, not only will it help us speed up our weight loss, but it can also help with depression, healing wounds, increasing self esteem, building a better body, healing internal injuries or curing diseases and so much more.The process is quite simple to perform, to start out find a nice quiet place to sit down, do not lie down because you could fall asleep and we do not want that to happen. Self hypnosis for weight loss can be very relaxing and can make us fall asleep if we are not careful, our goal is to be able to communicate with our subconscious and if we are asleep then this will not happen.So when you are sitting down in a comfortable position, you can be sitting on a chair if this feels the most comfortable or on the floor, the best position is one where you are resting against a wall with your legs stretched out in front of you.This position allows you to keep your back strait and feel the energy flow from your toes to your head, sitting on a chair will help this as well but the flow of energy will be somewhat restricted because of the bent knees.After you are in your comfortable position, relax all your limbs and take three deep breaths, this helps us relax and get ready for our journey into ourselves. Next start by looking at your toes and imagining they are totally relaxed, imagine you can see energy moving upwards from your toes towards your legs.