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by regina fancy (2020-04-09)

Water - Many people suffer from at least Ketogenasis Review occasional bloating or water retention, women more so than men. As long as your water retention is not caused by medication you are taking then try this to trick your brain. Drink more water! HUH?! That's right. Your brain thinks water will be in short supply so it is storing what you have recently consumed. So go ahead and drink throughout the day letting your brain know that there is plenty of water and that there is more coming. It will then realize that there is no shortage and will begin releasing the water it has been holding onto. No fear of emergency... no need to store the water. Knowing that your brain will register any (perceived) reduction in food or water as a Red Alert emergency that it needs to prepare for, you can just change your habits a little which will put your brain at ease and allow it to process food and water as it is designed to. So eat several small meals throughout the day instead of fewer large ones and drink water consistently all day long. No need to drown yourself but keep hydrating your system. And that needs to be WATER... not juice, not coffee, not caffeinated tea, and certainly not soft drinks. Your body needs water to function at its peak so give it what it needs and it will keep the metabolism fires burning. So you want to know how to lose abdominal fat and now the holiday season has arrived, first Thanksgiving, next in line is Christmas, and then New Years. I call it the triple threat to weight loss.