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Protocole Contre Hypertension La

by regina fancy (2020-04-11)

FOOD - Yes, I know this is a very broad Protocole Contre Hypertension La Revue term and I could write an entire book on this topic alone! Here are the highlights: Increase consumption of vegetables, especially green leafy varieties as they are packed full of vitamins and nutrients vital to cardiovascular health. They contain high levels of potassium which helps to counteract sodium levels in the body. Cook with healthy fats that help regulate cholesterol levels such as olive oil and coconut oil, and supplement with a high-grade fish oil for optimum Omega Fatty Acid intake. These oils have shown to decrease LDL levels while improving HDL and triglyceride levels which in turn prevent plaque build-up in arterial walls (thus improving blood pressure). The nitrates found in beets, flavonoids found in berries, and the mono-saturated fats in almonds are all incredibly useful in fighting and preventing hypertension and studies have revealed that these foods decrease systolic/diastolic readings in patients as quickly as 20 minutes after consumption. I am also including green tea in this category as consumption of this amazing beverage has countless health benefits including lowering blood pressure. Researchers have noted a direct correlation in reduced blood pressure among hypertensive patients who drank 8 oz. of un-sweetened green tea each day vs. those who did not.


How does the Hypertension Protocol work?