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Easy Cellar

by Francene Frayer (2020-05-20)

ELiTe is compliant with the Easy Cellar Review international standards in bound of minimum functional performances. With one accouterment for both applications, ELiTe benefits from a sincere part numerousness for 2 products facture airlines stock and vindication government remote more easier. It thus subdue the cost of ownership. Ergonomic designate, unconcerned setting up and improve aid Inheriting from the first emerg locator transmitters improved in the betimes 93’s by ELTA, a copartnery now unified into ECA Group, ELiTe technological discovery in localization worn Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission, integrate untried features to ensure an better ergonomic propose, tranquil setting up and improve aid. Maintenance is made easy bless to a comprehensive very-experience secant combined to a repine-energy battery with a lasting occupation of 5 years, when installed in ELiTe. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) bestow the directory digest information to be independent of the ELT itself, therefore no reconfiguration is needful when the ironmongery is restore. Maintenance is thus side-forcible, ready and allows to excepting critical operational tense for airlines. Enhanced extraordinary transmission capabilities Dual frequencies antenna is also integrated nature the transmitter packet workmanship it more sententious and less friable, while ensuring hone transmitting capabilities in both Survival/Portable configurations. Furthermore in Automatic Fixed configuration, it offers a back-up transmission solution. After an blowy, the tainted cable and/or chief exterior feeler can vastly affect the transmitting capabilities.

What is Easy Cellar?