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Sonus Complete

by Sylvie Pinley (2020-06-06)

Bone conduction is a test that involves a Sonus Complete vibrator placed behind the ear that indicates the softest sound that is heard when the inner ear is directly targeted.Hearing loss occurs in different places in the ear, and there are different diagnoses of hearing loss. These typically fall under three categories: conductive, sensorineural and mixed. Based on the test results, the audiologist may refer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist for further tests or recommend hearing aids to rectify the challenges you are facing.If you are experiencing hearing challenges, a visit to an audiologist is a wonderful first step. Discover what is happening with your hearing and take steps to help yourself.Keeping up with hearing aid technology can be tough. After all, advancements are being made every day in the field of audiology. How are you to know whether the aids that open up your ears to the world are the best you can possibly have? Read below to learn some tips that can help you stay abreast of the latest in hearing aids technology and take the effort to learn about the hearing assistance options that are available to you. Talk to your doctor. Explain that you would like to be notified anytime a significant advancement has been made in hearing aids technology that could help your specific hearing challenges. You can also ask if it's possible for you to check back periodically to see if there are any new devices that could be of assistance to you. While you are waiting to learn about new technology, make it a mission to learn everything you can about the hearing aids you currently use. Ensure they are calibrated correctly by a professional and return to the office as many times as is necessary until you can hear the world loud and clear. Any buzzing or ringing is unacceptable. Hearing aid technology has progressed to the point where you should be able to hear without impediment (unless you have an advanced state of hearing loss.)


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