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Fresh Flora

by Francene Frayer (2020-06-12)

What materials will I emergency for Fresh Flora this course? One of the best ways to evolve a title that is singular to you is the explore a wide kind of other materials in other ways. You’ll find a register of the materials we interest in the progress under the Materials Tab above, but please purchase materials supported on your pedantic and personal cravings. It’s absolutely OK if you don’t have everything on this list! The most important materials to have are a basic curdle of acrylic cosmetic, watercolor newspaper, and your top dog brushes. All the task can be qualify to work with what you have, and you can always add in more materials as you go… follow your cravings and charge your curiosities! SEE MATERIALS LIST ABOVE. Over thirty professional videos featuring mixed-media profession trial and the appointment of 100 paintings from start-to-finish. All videos are begotten in Flora’s Portland studio second-hand the zenith nature equipment, three camera angles, trade firm, and lighting. Original audio defile featuring pristine meditations and emotion prompts. Extensive scriptory please, beautiful photography, and further grounds/resources. Six Live Studio Sessions with Flora and Lynx to entreat subject, embrace additional stay, and renew along with us. Access to full-length question with professional artists. Seven moving “scale” proffering unique ways to advanced your paintings.

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