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Sonus Complete

by Francene Frayer (2020-06-18)

One more area that may not be so Sonus Complete obvious is the use of MP3 players. The ear buds of these devices are capable of delivering well over 100 Decibels to deep within the inner ear. Experts are divided on whether or not these devices can cause tinnitus in the first place, but common sense would tell us that this much noise landing that deep within your ear for extended periods can't be good, and if you already have tinnitus and ringing ears, use of these devices can probably make it worse. If you're suffering with ringing ears and tinnitus and have been told to just live with it, don't despair. There are treatments and methods available to relieve tinnitus symptoms that are working for many people. Investigate your options and take control of your tinnitus today. Tinnitus depression is common among tinnitus sufferers though, the degree of occurrence is not severe compare to those suffering psychological depression itself. As medical specialists defined, tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom - a result of several underlying conditions such as ear infections, aging, drug over-dose (e.g. aspirin), genetic hearing loss, head injury, and neurologic disease. However, it shouldn't be confused that tinnitus is caused by depression. Rather, depression, and/or anxiety, is a result from the unpleasant mix of feelings and sensations - pain, pulsatile or vibrating ear muscle contraction, or burst of abnormal sounds - and difficulties (e.g. sleepless nights, deafness, or bouts of vertigo) that tinnitus sufferers have to live with everyday.

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