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Replenish 911

by Sylvie Pinley (2020-06-18)

Here we'll just talk about basic numbers, based on Replenish 911 by different levels of activity. You should be able to make some rough calculations about your activity levels throughout an average day. It usually works out to just look at the following intensity levels and make some rough calculations. Then track what your eating and what your actual activity levels are in a daily journal. If you track these items and you see your weight going in the desired direction, this is a confirmation that your numbers are in the ballpark. Here's the 6 intensity levels: Level-Activity The lowest activity level, such as resting, sleeping or reclining Very light activity typically things perform while seated, or possibly standing (hobbies) Light activity, consisting of things like walking at a leisurely pace, working in the garage, traits work, house cleaning, childcare, or golfing Moderate activity, such as walking at a higher pace like 3 to 4 mph, garden work, cycling, skiing, or tennis Heavy activity such as digging were sports like basketball, rock climbing, football or soccer Very heavy activity, similar to that performed by professional athletes training for an eventIn a previous article (Understanding Calories-How to Make your Calories Count) we talked about calories, what they are and what they mean when you put them in your diet. We also talked about the fallacy of selecting only one calorie type, such as protein, and dispelled the myth of the low protein diet. But if you know how to balance your calories and why, you still need to know the total number of calories you consume in each day. In this article, look to you exactly how to determine the total number of daily calories that you need. It seems like a simple equation, much like your checking account when you consume calories, you're making deposits in your calorie count. When your body burns energy, you're making withdrawals from your calorie count. But the withdrawals are different because there are really two types of withdrawals:


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