Abstract: Reading comprehension is the reading activities which include their good understanding of the meaning implied by the written form. Low mental retarded children absolutely need reading skill in order to understand what they are reading. Therefore, they do not only read but also they will  understand what they are reading to support their learning achievement. Considering their lack of reading skill (understand the content and meaning of words in reading), their reading constraints must be decreased by developing their reading skill to the positiuve way. One of the ways is by using poem. Poem is used as the learningmedia to deliver their feeling and emotions, such as love, care, anxiety, anger, sadness, happiness, sympathy, and miss someone. It will create the beauty of the poem if it is read well and correctly. The research aims to find the effect of poem for the low mental retarded children’s reading skill at fourth grade of Gedangan State inclusive xchool Sidoarjo. Yhe data collecting methods are test and observation simply as a support. This research is pre experiment research by using one group pre test and post test design. It is conducted to compare the condition before and after the action. There are 6 low mental retarded children who experience barriers to understand the content and meaning of words in poem of inclusive primary school who become the subject of this research. This research uses the saturated sampling because all of the population is used as the sample. Therefore, all of the samples are given the action. The result got from sign test shows that Zh is 2,04. It is bigger than the critical score Za 5% 1,96. Therefore, it can be concluded that the poem has significant effect for the low mental retarded children at fourth grade of Gedangan Inclusive School Sidoarjo.


Keyword: poem, reading comprehension

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