Child mental retardation or often known as mental limitations are children who have lower intelligence than other children the same age, so the child mental limitations difficult to follow the regular education program in schools in the classical, therefore child mental limitations require special education services that tailored to the needs of the child. One of the aid that could be implemented is contextual teaching, the concept of learning that helps teachers relate the material being taught with real-world situations students and encourage students to make connections between the knowledge he has with the application in their lives as members of families and communities.

Purpose of this research is toanalyze or prove the influence of contextual approach to science learning outcomes mentally disabled children in special schools Pertiwi ACD Mojokerto

This research used a quantitative approach and type of quasi-experimental research. As research subjects are mentally disabled children in special schools Pertiwi ACD Mojokerto which amounted to 6 children. The sampling technique used is the total population. Data collection techniques with the test method. For the analysis of the data using the sign test.

Based on the results of research are (1) The occurrence of increased learning outcomes in investigating the nature around after a given intervention through a contextual approach to the modeling directly. (2) There is a significant effect on the application of a contextual approach to the learning outcomes of  childrenwithmild mental retardation in the SLB Pertiwi ACD Mojokerto (3) From the formula sign test data obtained test results were 2.05 Zh greater than the critical value of 5% ieZh + 1.64 so that the application of a contextual approach to significantly influence the results of the skills children learn science in mild mental retardation in SLB ACD PertiwiMojokerto City.

As for the suggestions that need to be delivered to the school in order to help more teachers in managing learning activities by providing infrastructure and media supporting learning so much fun learning atmosphere for students. Parents also need to be more contextual approach to optimize the use of modeling in the development of children both at home and learning outcomes of children in school



Keywords: contextual approach, the results of science learning

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