Blind man is a man who get constrains in their visual preseptual skill. This constraint makes the blind man get difficulties in deciding the career or in the prosess of mastering certain work skill. Theirfore, it will disturb their social devolopment in the society. Vocational skill is one way to improve self potency through mastering certain work skill which can be the livelihoods for people. The research problem is “How the implementation of the vocasional massage skill training at Bina Tuntas Foundation Surabaya?”. This research aims to discribe the implementation of the vocational massage skill at Bina Tuntas Foundation Surabaya. This research is a qualitative research. The data collecting techniques are observation, interview, and documentation. The subjects of the research are the head of the foundation, instructors team, and the training participants. The data analyses used are data reduction, data presentation, and drawing the conclution. The result shows that the implementation the massage vocational skill training at Bina Tuntas Foundation Surabaya is conducted by using theoretical and practical approach. The determinan factor of the succsess of the training is the available in infrastructures, the curriculum which needs the participant, participants’ motavation for the training is very high and discipline. While the constraints found is the lesson plan of the training in the team often works on the other way, the implementation of the training program often move from one side to another side in not sequence, the limited model the level of Braille master is not similar, the background of the formal education is not similar between students, the various participants’ age, and the time of being blind for the participants’ are not similar. This problem can be solved by conducting the remedial teaching program and additional learning process to make the participants’ Braille mastering be similar.

Keyword : blind man, vocational massages skill training

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