Model Pembelajaran Inkuiri Terhadap Hasil Belajar Gerak Benda Bagi Anak Tunanetra



At the beginning of the study, the researcher found that the ability of blind children toward movement thing material by using lecture method were not optimal yet. The teacher needed to use innovative teaching method the lack f the teacher in understanding the material and preparing the creative material caused the students got lower score. It was because, students are expected to be active in teaching learning process of science. The teaching learning process will run effectively in the teacher focused on students activity. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of inquiry teaching method of movement thing for blind children and to find and know problems in movement thing for blind children.
Before the reasercher did the treatment, the study result of blind children at third grade of SLB-A YPAB Tegalsari Surabaya was low. It was proved by the result of pretest. The mean of the result was about 40-50, in the arithmetic with critic value 5% for one side experiment (1,65) and two sides (2,0). It based on the fact that Z come in arithmetic (Zh=2,37) is more than critic value 5% for one side (1,65) and two side (2,0), so null hypotheses (Ho) were rejected and work hypotheses were received. It showed that the study result of blind children were increased by using inquiry teaching method. The study result of blind children in movement thing material in post test are increased with the mean ±65-85.
The analyze result with Wilcoxon Match Pairs. Showed that “there was a signifficant effect of inquiry teaching toward the study result of blind children in movement thing material.
Keey word : teaching method, inquiry, study result, movement thing

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