Pembelajaran Di Luar Kelas (Outdoor Study)Terhadap Kemampuan Interaksi Sosial Anak Autis




autism children were those who had complex disorder one of them was social interaction disorder. This
reaserch aims to know the effect of outdoor study , due to social interaction ability that autism children has. Based on
the observation done in SB Mutiara Hati Sidoarjo, it indicated that autism children had low social interaction ability. It
was proven by the value the children got before fulfilling SKM i.e. thats it 50. To help autism children in enhancing
socia interaction, it was used learning out of class or (outdoor study) .
this research used quantitative approach with the one group pre test post test design. The research subject
numbered 5 autism students. For data analysis it used statistic non parametric formula whith sign test kid and the data
collection method used observation and test.
Form the result of pre test and post test, that the children’s learning result got. It was proven when the
treatment was given, the pre test result was 45,83 and after giving treatment, the post test value was 62,49 . based on
the data analysis result, Z counted value was 2,236 while Z table value with critic value 5% was 1,96 so that Z counted
2,236 was greater than Z table 1,96, it meant that null hypothesis (Ho) was refused and work hypothesis (Ha), which
statet that there was significant. In this way it could be concluded that learning out of class or (outdoor study)
influence toward the social interaction ability of autism children in SLB Mutiara Hati Sidoarjo.

Keyword : outdoor study, social interaction, autism children.

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