Märchens im Leseunterricht an der  Klasse-XII



The purpose of research, entitled "Fairy Tales in Reading Learning for Class XII Students" is to describe the formulation of the problem, namely how to use fairy tale steps in learning to read German to high school students of class XII?This type of research is a qualitative study which will describe the stages of development that are designed to exploit instructional tales reading comprehension in learning German. The steps in the development, namely (1) the early stage of investigation, (2) Design Phase, (3) Realization Phase, and (4) Phase of Testing, Evaluation, and Revision. This study produces creative measures to support learning to read so as not boring.This design highlight how students' thinking through his imagination come together to understand a passage. The stage is called image reconstruction. And it can be concluded that the draft measures researchers have valid and can be implemented by teachers in teaching reading comprehension of fairy tale in high school Class XII.

Keyword: Fairy tale, Reading Learning

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