Development of Interactive E-Book in Cube and Cuboid for 8th Grade Junior High School Students




Indonesia developed an e-book named BSE as a learning source for students to study cube and cuboid to keep up with the trend of technological development. BSE, however, still has weakness that could be improved. The innovation could be done by combining interactive multimedia and e-book. Interactive multimedia had many features, such as video, audio, animation, etc, which could help student when learning about cube and cuboid. This study aims to know the developing proccess and produce an interactive e-book with some criteria called validity, practicality, and effectivity. Subject for this study was 6 students from 8th grade. This study was carried out using plomp model with four phase. First, initial investigation that consists of curriculum, material, and student need analysis. Second, design that consists of content, display, and instrument design. Third, realization, that consists of product development named prototype-I. Forth, test, evaluation, and revision that consists of interactive e-book validation by validator, revision, and trials. The result of this study was interactive e-book about cube and cuboid for student in 8th grade. That interactive e-book was a good media, because it was satisfy valid with score 2,94; practical with score 83,85%; and effective with score 83,33%.

Keywords: interactive e-book, interactive multimedia, cube and cuboid

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