Kristin Novitasari


Speaking is the most demanding skill among the fourth language skills as it is also the main aim of learning language. The fact which happened in Indonesia today is most students cannot communicate using English well even they have learned English for years. Some policies in teaching English by Curriculum 2013 had been made to enable the students become active learners. To deal with this case, deciding the most appropriate learning strategies to teach speaking is necessary. One strategy to solve this problem is by using a medium. A computerized medium called Flash-Board was developed under R&D design into an effective medium. R&D is a research design that used in creating a new product and evaluating the product through some experiments. This method included some stages such as material and expert validation, also field evaluation. The field evaluation was held at one of Senior High Schools in Jombang. The tenth grade of this school became the participant in the research. One of the topics chosen was Descriptive text. The aim was to find out either the medium works or not and whether it can improve the students in Speaking Skill. Based on the result, Flash-Board is suitable to use in learning English, especially for speaking. It also attracts the students so that they can be more creative and expand their idea.

Keywords: Computerized Medium, Speaking, Descriptive.  

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