Silvia Cristiana Agata, Rahayu Kuswardani


In the era of globalization, English became one of the most commonly used languages. In addition, English had been Lingua Franca in the world market. Teaching English for the primary level is essential to the creation of a better generation. Nevertheless, not every teacher can develop a joyful learning environment. At the same time, creating a pleasant classroom environment is essential to support optimum learning objectives. As a result, the researcher conducted research on the development of teaching media for young learners. The purpose of this study is to provide an overall representation of the project development of the education media in English subject. For fifth-graders, the FIBO Game can be used to enhance their vocabulary mastery. The researcher utilized Design and Development Research as a research method in the development of the FIBO Game. The study used a qualitative descriptive method to collect the data for the trial.  The respondents of this research were ten fifth-graders from various schools in Tuban. The experts had validated the FIBO Game before the media were tested. The findings of this study revealed that the FIBO Game could encourage students' motivation in learning English. Several students also had problems playing the FIBO Game; for example, they did not grasp the subject properly. In conclusion, the FIBO Game has been shown to meet students' need to learn vocabulary. The implication of these results is deemed for teachers to build a positive learning atmosphere through media use.

Keywords: Educational Media, Vocabulary, Young learners

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